Nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, at an elevation ok 1664 feet, Andover boasts yearlong natural beauty, surrounded by wooded hills rising to more than 2300 feet.   The rolling, rural landscape provides timber and habitat for wildlife, as well as agriculture and dairy industries. In the early spring, maple syrup production is celebrated by the community as its annual Maple Festival.

        The climate is very healthful and does not produce extreme weather conditions, either in summer or winter. The air is fresh and clean, and its fragrance changes with the seasons.

        Andover is supported by growing number of independently owned small businesses, as well as larger area industries. This provides many opportunities for future development.

        Utilities available in Andover are exceptionally attractive. Municipally owned free-flowing springs provide the residents with pure, cold water of excellent flavor.

        Andover owns and operates its electric distribution system, buying power from the New York State Power Authority. The supply is adequate and reliable, and the rates are among the lowest in the state.

        Gas for home heating and industry is readily supplied. the fact that oil was first discovered on this continent in Allegany County in 1627, and that oil and gas fields are found in New York State, is not widely known. This provides Andover with almost unlimited reserve of economical fuel.

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